DentaDefend toothpaste

Professional oral care for stronger, whiter teeth

Prevents creation of cavities and tooth plaque
Fills microcracks in tooth enamel
Whitens and numbs tooth enamel

You Need to Act Fast Before it's Too Late

The stages of caries development

1. Enamel Decay

The enamel starts breaking underneath the tooth's surface.

2. Dentin Decay

The enamel collapses and a dental cavity is formed.

3. Pulpitis

If the pulp of a tooth gets infected with bacteria, pus then forms in the tooth.

4. Abscess and Perodontitis

Тhe conjoining bones are infected. The gums swell which means other diseases.

Stronger, Healthier Teeth and Gum with DentaDefend

One toothpaste - multiple actions

Brighter, Whiter, Prettier Smile

DentaDefend contains a unique whitening formula which fights against plaque and tartar and defeats deep tooth staining.

No more cavity and decay

DentaDefend toothpaste creates a protective layer and reduces the risk of decay by 90%.

Complete protection against plaque

Dental professionals recommend using DentaDefend toothpaste, because it fights plaque bacteria around your gum line.

Seals cracks and pores

The unique ingredient Hydroxyapatite in DentaDefend seals pores and cracks by integrating into the structure of the tooth enamel.

What Makes DentaDefend so efficient?

It's in its key ingredient!


Is a popular tool in dental care. It is derived from sea shells and has the same structure as tooth enamel. It helps strengthen the enamel and prevents further development of cracks and caries


Is a chemical found in the peels of citrus fruits like lime and in other plants. It is widely used in medicine-making. In dental products, limonene is mainly used as a flavoring. It has a polishing effect.


Is a substance mainly known for its cooling sensation, which is also used for its ability to relieve minor pain and irritation and prevent infection.


Is used as a natural sweetener tasting close to sugar, but it contains NO calories, doesn't affect the blood sugar level and is teeth-friendly.

A Whole New Level of Home Dental Care

Why DentaDefend is no ordinary toothpaste

A study published in Journal of Dental Research examined the effect that toothpaste with Hydroxyapatite could have on teeth. Different kinds of toothpaste samples were applied to extracted human teeth that had been drilled to create artificial cavities. After seven days the teeth brushed with DentaDefend showed the most improvement in the strength of the enamel and the lessen the depth of the cavities.

Four Step Away from a Perfect Smile

Brush your teeth properly for optimal results.


1. Squeeze a little (about 2 pea grains) of the toothpaste on the toothbrush.

Spread gently

2. Spread gently over the teeth and wait for 15-20 seconds for the hydroxyapatite to activate and enhance its effect.


3. Brush thoroughly in vertical motion for at least 2 minutes - first from the outer, and next from the inner side of the teeth.


4. Rinse out with water

*Do not swallow

Meet the People that Trusted DentaDefend

Their stories from giving it a try to daily use.

Wandia Gathoni

4 days ago

Ever since I was a teenager I've been struggling with bleeding gums and sensitive teeth. But I accidentally stumbled upon DentaDefend and decided to try it. Within a week I noticed less and less blood while brushing my teeth. Now I feel my gums healthy and my teeth way more stronger. I love it.


Kibe Kimathi

3 days ago

I've been using DentaDefend for 3 months and thanks to that I no longer have sensitive teeth. My whole family loves it. My wife even noticed that our teeth are whiter than before. I think she's right. Definitely recommend it.


Theuri Menne

2 days ago

Highly Recommend it. Really great product. I have tried different kinds of toothpaste from the store, pharmacy, and also online, and this is the best I've ever used. The taste is nice, my teeth look whiter and I can feel them cleaner and stronger.


Mwikali Karira

5 days ago

My husband, children and I all agree that our teeth are whiter using this. Our family doc said our teeth are strong and in perfect condition. Tastes good and I've certainly not experienced as many mouth ulcers as I did with other main brands. Best toothpaste on the market.


Gachara Rimbere

5 days ago

DentaDefend is great for healthy gums.This toothpaste was recommended by my dentist a while ago because I suffered with gum problems and since then by using this toothpaste I have no problems. I only visit my dentist every 6 months to check if everything's OK. You pay a little bit more for it, but it's worth it.


Kellen Nyagũra

7 days ago

This toothpaste is excellent. I've been using it twice a day since the beginning of March and it still has some left! I get stains as i drink a lot of tea and coffee but using this consistently for a couple of weeks gets rid of them. You certainly notice the difference if you stop using it!


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