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toothpaste with sealing effect

  • Prevents creation of cavities and tooth plaque

  • Fills microcracks in tooth enamel

  • Whitens and numbs tooth enamel

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DentaDefend works immediately!

Phase 1

The unique ingredient Hydroxyapatite seals pores and cracks by integrating into the structure of the tooth enamel.

Phase 2

DentaDefend creates a protective layer, which numbs the tooth enamel.

Phase 3

The toothpaste particles fill out damaged parts and microcracks, kills bacteria and further protect the tooth enamel.

Phase 4

The tooth enamel is smooth and glossy Teeth are protected from temperature changes as well as colouring from coffee and food.

Tests conducted in Japan have proven that after longer usage of DentaDefend, your teeth will be safely protected, just like after a dentist visit.

Regenerates tooth health and gum health without needing to visit a dentist

DentaDefend’s special particles

  • Hydroxyapatite - a natural mineral from bone tissue and human teeth, strengthens the enamel.

  • When used regularly, DentaDefend fills cracks and pores and fights cavities.

Key Ingredients



...is a popular tool in dental care. It is derived from sea shells and has the same structure as tooth enamel. It helps strengthen the enamel and prevents further developing of cracks and carieses.



...is a chemical found in the peels of citrus fruits like lime and in other plants. It is widely used in medicine-making. In dental products, limonene is mainly used as a flavoring. It has polishing effect.



...is a substance mainly known for its cooling sensation, which is also used for its ability to relieve minor pain and irritation and prevent infection.



...is used as a natural sweetener tasting close to sugar, but it contains NO calories, doesn't affect the blood sugar level and is teeth-friendly.

What are the experiences of the people who use DentaDefend:

  • Peter 26 years old

    After just 2 days, my teeth stopped hurting and the cracks started filling up! After a longer time I noticed that my teeth are much whiter!

  • Jane 29 years old

    I can definitely recommend this! I tried several toothpastes, but this one is the best! My whole family uses it.

  • Michael 44 years old

    I’ve been using DentaDefend for 3 months and thanks to that I no longer have sensitive teeth.

You are only one step away from a perfect smile!
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How it Works

1. Squeeze a little(about 2 pea grains) of the toothpaste on the toothbrush.

2. Spread gently over the teeth and wait for 15-20 seconds for the hydroxyapatite to activate and enhance its effect.

3. Brush thoroughly in vertical motion - first from the outer, and next from the inner side of the teeth.

4. Rinse out with water

*Do not swallow


Health and beauty for your teeth!


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